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Submit your information below to apply with us. 

All influencers, bloggers, professional photographers and members of the working press must register and present valid credentials to enter any of the ticketed Central Virginia Fashion Week shows, events and receptions. 

Please understand, we, Let's Talk Fashion Virginia, the producers of Central Virginia Fashion Week, reserve the right to refuse anyone the benefits of press credentials at any time and for any justified reason. 

You may be asking a few questions such as,

A. "Who qualifies for a press pass during Central Virginia Fashion Week?" This would be editorial associates of approved print and broadcast outlets, such as local and/or major media publications, as well as photographers, influencers and bloggers.

B. "What credentials are required to obtain a press badge and admission to Central Virginia Fashion Week? This would be qualified media associates (as described above), a valid Photo ID for pass pick up OR press credentials including the individuals name and title along with the name of the company/organization.  Freelance writers and photographers must present a documented assignment letter from an approved published outlet to receive a press pass, OR they must apply to register their freelance press badge. Electronic media associates, including editors, must present proof of the existing site with relatable editorial content and proof of circulation. 

C. "Are press passes required for all events?" Yes, press passes are required for all eligible Central Virginia Fashion Week events. Press passes DO NOT at any time grant access to backstage areas before, during, or after any Central Virginia Fashion Week events. Violation of this will result in the immediate revoke of the registrants press pass and may impact future consideration.

D. "What is the cost of a press pass?" Press passes are complimentary to approved registrants. 

E. "Okay, well, how do I sign up?" To register, simply fill out in its entirety the form below and submit upon completion. Upon approval of your submission, you will receive an acceptance notification no later than 14 days prior to the event. 

F. "Is there anything else I should know?" All press passes will be available for pickup the opening night of Central Virginia Fashion Week. If you do not attend this night, we will hold the pass each night until it is picked up. However, we will not provide an additional pass once the initial pass is received. Photographers and videographers with press passes are limited to the photography pit and designated areas only. Bloggers and influencers are not allowed in the photography pit. Limited space is available. 


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